How to Scan using Brother MFC 9340CDW

Justin Chung12/ 4/19


The Brother MFC 9340CDW is a great machine for scanning high resolution documents, photos, and images onto your computer or even your mobile device (via the Brother iPrint&Scan app).

You can easily scan multiple documents at a time using your machine's top loading feed tray and transport them as a PDF file to: be sent to a computer folder (scan to PC), be used as e-mail attachments (scan to email), or be sent wirelessly to a network folder (scan to network).


How to scan with your Brother MFC 9340CDW :


Before we begin, you must have installed the scanner driver using your machine's setup CD-ROM.

If you are using a USB or network cable, make sure it is properly inserted and secure. If your machine is using a wireless network connection, be sure the machine is properly configured to the TCP/IP address. 

Though the scan function doesn't require any use of the TN-221/ 225 toner cartridges and DR-221CL drum units, they must all be installed in order for the printer to function.

1. Make sure the scanner driver has been installed on your computer.

2. Load your documents.

    • You can use the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) to scan multiple pages. The ADF is is located at the top of the machine and appears when you open the tray flap. The ADF can hold up to 35 pages at a time. Be sure the side of the page you want scanned is facing up.
    • You can use the scanner glass to scan one page at a time. Make sure the side of the page you want scanned is facing down. Position the page using the measurement guides on the side. In order to use the scanner glass, the ADF must be empty. Scanner glass can also be used for scanning book pages.

3. Press the scan icon on your touchscreen.

4. Scan the document(s):

    • To scan the file and send to a computer folder (scan to PC): Use your finger to swipe to the "to File" icon. Icon is highlighted in blue when selected. Press "OK".
    • To scan as an email attachment (scan to email) on your computer: Use your finger to swipe to the "to E-mail" icon. Icon is highlighted in blue when selected. Press "OK".

5. Select your computer's name.

Use the up and down arrow keys to highlight your computer's name. Then press it with your finger.

6. You now have two options:

    • If you want to scan the document using the default settings, press "Start". You do not need to proceed to step 9.
    • If you want to change the scan settings, press "Options". Then press "Set with Touch Panel" and then press "On". Proceed to step 7.

7. Choose Setting options.

You can make a number of changes on your scanned documents sch as: 2-sided scan, scan type, resolution, file type, scan size, remove background color.

8. Press "Start".

You machine will now begin scanning your document(s).

9. Inspect results.

Once complete, your computer screen should show your scanned document as a PDF file (scan to PDF) either in a file or as an email attachment depending on the option you chose. Open the file and check to see if the quality and alignment of the scanned document(s) are satisfactory.

If unsatisfactory, make the necessary modifications and scan the document(s) again.


You have successfully scanned your documents to PDF using your Brother MFC 9340CDW.

The Brother MFC 9340CDW not only uses quality grade toners and drums to pump out sharp, vivid prints and copies - it can also complete a variety of different scan jobs too!


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