How To Reset Toner on Brother MFC 9340CDW

Justin Chung11/27/19


Your Brother MFC-9340CDW Color All-in-One Printer is programmed with a toner counter to keep track of how many pages each TN-221/TN-225 color cartridge has printed. Once the number of pages printed reaches the page yield for the cartridge(s), it will notify you to replace the toner cartridge.

The problem is, often times the machine can get this wrong. Every print job uses varying amounts of each color and so the toner cartridges may have plenty of toner despite a large number of pages printed. This is especially true for those who only use their Brother MFC-9340CDW to print in black and white.

To work around this issue, you will need to reset the toner levels by resetting the toner counter.

But first, let’s check which of the color cartridges need their levels reset:


1. Press the toner level icon located on the upper, right hand corner of the touch screen home page.

2. Press the “Toner Life” button. You will then see the toner levels of each color cartridge. The ones with an exclamation mark will be reset.


Now that we know which colors are triggering the alert, we can begin the toner reset process.


How to perform a toner reset on your Brother MFC 9340CDW:


1. Power on your Brother MFC 9340CDW machine.

2. Press “Fax” on the touch screen.

Find the star (*) key on the illuminated number pad to the right of the touch screen and place a sticker or piece of tape over it. This will help us locate the star (*) key later when the dial pad is no longer illuminated.

3. Press the Home button to go back to main menu.

4. Open the top hood.

Use the grooved handle above the brother logo at the front of the machine and push hood open.  Keep hood open so the toner cartridges remain visible.

5. Hold the star (*) key for 5-7 seconds.

Don't let go until the toner reset menu pops up on the touch screen.

6. Select the color cartridge you want to reset.

K=Black, C = Cyan, M = Magenta, Y= Yellow,

STD = Standard Capacity (Standard Yield), HC = High Capacity (High Yield), S.HC = Super High Capacity (Super High Yield)

7. Select “Yes” to the prompt “Reset?”.

Once you press “Yes”, you should see the word “Accepted” displayed on your screen. Repeat steps 6 and 7 if you have another toner color to reset. If you have reset the last color cartridge, move on to step 8.

8. Press the Home button.

9. Close the top hood.

Allow your Brother MFC 9340CDW several minutes to process the reset. Once the toner counter has been reset, the touch screen will display the home page. Press the toner level icon on your touch screen home page and check the “Toner Life” graphic to see if the exclamation marks are gone.


Resetting the toner levels when necessary can benefit you in the long run by helping you save money and reduce waste. 

Also, remember that you can similarly reset your drum counter when you get a "Replace Drum" message. If you want to learn how to reset your drum on the Brother MFC 9340CDW, click here.

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