How To Reset Drum on Brother MFC 9340CDW

Justin Chung11/28/19

Your Brother MFC 9340CDW will display a drum error message when its drum counter logs that the number of pages you've printed is about to reach or has reached the drum's maximum page capacity.

There are two types of error messages:

  • "Drum End Soon" - This message is merely a warning sign. One or more drum unit(s) will need to be replaced soon but the printer will continue working.
  • "Replace Drum" - This message is an urgent notification. One or more drum unit(s) have reached their capacity and the printer will discontinue any jobs until the drum unit(s) are replaced. This is the message that we'll address in this article.

Yet, these error messages are not always correct.

Depending on the type of print jobs you do and the degree of colors you use for those jobs, there may still be plenty of juice left in the drum unit(s). By performing a hard reset on drum counter, you can reset the log and continue using the drum unit(s).

A drum reset is also required after you've replaced the old drum unit(s). This is because when you install brand new DR-221CL drum unit(s), your machine does not automatically reset the drum counter for you (It's a bit of a hassle, we know). This means we would need to perform the drum reset manually.


How to do a drum reset on your Brother MFC 9340CDW:


1. Power on the Brother MFC 9340CDW and close the cover hood.

2. Press the “X” button to close the drum error message, if displayed.

3. Click Settings icon.

The icon is located on top right corner of the touch screen home page and will have a tools graphic.

4. Then click the “All Settings” icon on the bottom right

5. Scroll down and click on “Machine Info”

6. Click “Parts Life”

7. Hold down the “#” key until you open the reset menu.

The “#” key can be found on the illuminated number pad to the right of the touch screen. If number pad is not illuminated , touch the surface to illuminate it.

8. Click on which color drum you would like to reset.

9. Click “Yes” when it asks you “Reset Drum (Color)?”

The word “Accepted” will then briefly display on the screen. Repeat steps 8 and 9  to reset additional color drums.

10. Go back to Home Page.


Resetting the drum counter on your Brother MFC 9340CDW when you know your drum unit(s) still has plenty of life is a a great way to save money and reduce waste. However, keep in mind that you can only ignore the "drum end soon" message for so long and there will eventually come a time when your drum units need to be replaced or the quality of your prints will drastically suffer.

Also keep in mind that your machine will display a "Replace Toner" message when the toner counter hits the page limit. You will need to follow a separate set of instructions to reset the toner counter.

To learn how to reset the toner counter, click here.

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