How To Replace Toner in Brother MFC L2700DW

Justin Chung11/26/19


As you begin a print job, a message from your Brother MFC L2700DW flickers in the corner of your eye. It's a message comprised of two words that all printer users will face sooner or later - ‘Low Toner’.

There's no need to panic. It's merely a warning that you will need to take action soon. Your toner cartridge - in this case, the Brother TN-630 or TN-660 - is running low and will need to be replaced soon.

But if you're anything like me, we often times wait until the very last minute - after squeezing every last bit of life our toner has left - to replace it. 

For a first-timer, the toner replacement process can be quite confusing. Luckily, I've prepared an easy guide to walk you through the process.

Before we begin, make sure you have a new Brother TN-630 or TN-660 toner cartridge at your disposal. You can purchase them at your local office supply chain or a reputable online source.


How to replace the toner cartridge in the Brother MFC L2700DW:


1. Turn your Brother MFC L2700DW machine on.

2. Open the front cover.

The front cover is located below the control panel. Use the handle on the sides to pop the cover open.

3. Take out the toner and drum cartridge unit.

The TN-630/TN-660 toner cartridge and DR-630 drum unit are attached together and will come out as a single unit assembly by firmly pulling on the drum handle.

4. Push down green lock lever to remove toner cartridge from the drum unit.

The green lock lever is located on the corner of the drum cartridge unit. Press and hold down the green lock lever and pull out the toner cartridge by its handle. Place the toner cartridge atop a paper towel or surface that can be easily cleaned as toner powder can spill out from the cartridge.

5. Open the new toner cartridge.

Take the new Brother TN-630 or TN-660 toner cartridge out from its packaging. Remove the protective cover (usually orange in color) and any protective seals.

6. Insert new toner cartridge into the drum unit.

The new toner cartridge should fit snugly inside the drum cartridge unit. Make sure you hear the green lock lever click to lock the toner cartridge in place otherwise the toner cartridge will fall out.

7. Clean the corona wire.

Locate the green sliding tab in the corner edge of the drum cartridge. With your fingers, slide tab from left to right to clean the corona wire inside the drum unit. Do this several times. Return the green tab back to its original, home position (marked with an arrow).

8. Insert the toner and drum cartridge unit into the machine.

Carefully maneuver the toner and drum unit assembly into the machine so that it glides in and clicks snugly into place.

9. Close the cover of your Brother MFC L2700DW machine.

Once you close the front cover, you will hear the machine whir as it reads the newly inserted unit. Do not turn off the machine at this time. The machine will finish reading the unit and revert back to Ready Mode.


If the printer screen continues to show "Low Toner" / "Replace Toner" you may be having the following issue:

  • You replaced the wrong cartridge. Check to see that you inserted a new Brother TN-630 or TN-660 toner cartridge and not another model. Also check that you've replaced the toner cartridge and did not replace the drum cartridge.
  • You didn't put in a new toner cartridge. You may have confused an older, empty cartridge for being a new cartridge. If this is the case, the printer will continue to show the message until the toner cartridge has been replaced.
  • You installed the toner and drum cartridge unit incorrectly. Make sure the new toner cartridge is inserted inside the drum cartridge and clicked into place. Then insert the newly combined toner and drum unit assembly inside the printer until its firmly in place.
  • The toner cartridge is defective. The new cartridge may have a faulty chip and will need to be replaced. Be sure to use quality toner cartridges from a reputable source to reduce likelihood of a defective cartridge.
  • Corona wire is dirty. Use the green tab on the corner edge of the drum cartridge unit and slide it from left to right to clean the corona wire inside the unit.


And there you have it! You have successfully replaced your old toner cartridge with a new one and can now execute copy, print, and fax jobs on your Brother MFC L2700DW just like before.

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