How To Print Envelopes on Brother MFC L2700DW

Justin Chung11/26/19

Aside from printing and copying on ordinary copy paper, your Brother MFC L2700DW printer is also capable of printing crisp, professional lettering on envelopes, specialty paper, and label sheets.

However, unlike ordinary copy paper, these media types must follow an entirely different set of procedures to undergo the printing process. In this article, we will cover the procedure in which to print envelopes using this machine.

Note that to get the most optimal results for printing envelopes, you must use quality Brother TN-660 toner cartridges and Brother DR-630 drum cartridges.


How to print envelopes on your Brother MFC L2700DW:


1. Open the back cover.

The back cover (face-up output tray) is located at the back of your Brother MFC L2700DW machine, and can be opened using the handle. Once opened, the back cover will act as an output tray for the envelope after the print is complete.

2. Push down the two green levers.

Once the back cover is opened, you will notice two green levers on each side. Push them down until they lock into the downward position.

3. Open the manual feed slot cover.

The manual feed slot cover is located at the front of the machine underneath the main output tray. The manual feed slot cover is also where the brother logo is located. Open the manual feed slot cover using the handle located above it.

4. Position the paper guide.

Once the manual feed slot cover is open, you can locate the paper guides (which stabilize the envelope's position) on the left and right side. Slide both paper guides inward until you reach the exact width of the envelope.

5.  Place envelope in manual feed slot.

Make sure the side of the envelope you want printed is facing up. Insert the envelope between the paper guides and push the envelope firmly inward until it makes contact with the roller. Continue to insert until the roller grabs and pulls in the envelope.

6. Open the ‘Print’ window on your computer.

7. Select ‘Brother MFC L2700DW series’ as the printer model.

8. Click 'Print Properties’ or ‘Preferences’.

9. Choose ‘Page Size’ or ‘Paper Size’.

Select your envelope size using the drop-down menu. The standard envelope size for letter-sized copy paper is no. 10.

10. Choose ‘Portrait’ or ‘Landscape’ Orientation.

11. Change other printer settings, if applicable.

Settings may vary by computer software and print job types. Use the page preview as a visual guide to adjust your settings.

12. Click ‘OK’ and ‘Print’.

Your Brother MFC L2700DW will now print on the envelope and place it on the output tray once it's completed. Be sure to inspect the print job.

13. Move trays back to the original positions.

Once you are satisfied with the print job on your envelope(s), push the two green levers back up to their original position. Then move the back cover and the manual feed slot cover back to their original position.


If you notice that the prints are looking messy or light, your toner cartridge may be low or poorly manufactured. Replace the toner cartridge with one that is made from a quality source.

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