How To Print Envelopes on Brother MFC 9340CDW

Justin Chung12/ 4/19


The Brother MFC 9340CDW all-in-one machine is more than capable of printing on a wide variety of media such as copy paper, specialty paper, and label paper.

It is also great for printing on envelopes.

If you've never printed on envelopes using the Brother MFC 9340CDW, you will need some guidance. Envelope printing requires a separate set of procedures that differs from document printing and might not be so obvious to a first-timer. 


How to Print Envelopes on Brother MFC 9340CDW:

Before we begin envelope printing, your envelope must be in optimal condition to be fed to the machine. Envelopes should have straightened edges without creases or folds. Also make sure the envelope lies flat and does not puff out.

Also, check your machine's compartments for any dust or spilled toner, which can affect print quality. Regular maintenance of your machine is important for its longevity, so if need be, give it a quick clean


1. Make sure Brother MFC 9340CDW is turned on.

2. Open the back cover.

The back cover, or the face-up output tray, is located on the backside of the printer. Use the grooved handle on top to pull open the back cover like a flap. This tray is where the printed envelope will be sent when the job is finished.

3. Pull down both grey levers.

Once you open the back cover, you will notice two grey levers on opposite ends and in the upward position. Use your hands to push these down into the downward position.

4. Open manual feed slot cover.

Go back to the front side of the printer and open the manual feed slot cover by its above handle. The cover is located right above the paper tray and is where the “Brother” logo is embossed.

5. Move manual feed paper slot guides.

Once you open the manual feed slot, you will see slot guides on the left and right side. With both hands, move the paper slot guides inward to match the exact width of your envelope.

6. Place envelope in manual feed slot.

The envelope should be straight and flat and positioned snugly in between the slot guides, with the side you want printed facing up. Continue inserting envelope until the machine's feed roller grabs hold of the envelope's edge. If envelope in incorrectly positioned, a paper jam or misalignment can occur.

7. Open the Print application on your computer.

8. Go to "Print Properties".

9. Choose your "Paper Size". 

This is your envelope's type and dimensions. If you are asked for "Media Type", choose "Plain Paper".

10. Choose the "Orientation".

Use the page preview to adjust the orientation and any other printer properties. It is also recommended that you do a test print first in case any adjustments need to be made.

11. Press "Print".

Your envelope will now go through the machine to be printed. To get the best print results, it is important to use premium grade TN-221/ TN-225 toner cartridges. Once your envelope is printed, remove it from the output tray to avoid a paper jam.

12. Repeat steps 6-11 for the next envelope print job.

13. Pull up grey levers and close covers. 

Once you are done, pull up the grey levers to the their original position and close the back covers of your Brother MFC 9340CDW. Then close the manual feed slot cover until its locked in place.


You have successfully used your Brother MFC 9340CDW to print envelopes. Check to see if the print job on your envelope is satisfactory. It is recommended to print a test envelope to calibrate the results you want and make adjustments.

If not, make sure the envelope is of good quality and was properly positioned as described in the steps above.

Do not use envelopes that have:

  • damage or sharp creasing
  • glue on the flaps
  • self-adhesive closures
  • clasps and staples
  • shiny, glossy or textured surface
  • very thin and light paper construction

Using the above envelopes may possibly damage your printer.



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