How To Connect Your Brother MFC L2700DW printer to WiFi

Justin Chung11/25/19


The Brother MFC L2700DW is a popular all-in-one machine that has the ability to carry out many useful tasks such as copy, print and scan. Another great feature of this all-in-one machine is that it can be connected wirelessly. So whether the primary location of this machine is at home or in the office, multiple people within a network can have access to the Brother MFC L2700DW printer without the hassle of a wire or cord.

However, with the progression of technology, it can be difficult to keep yourself informed on how to setup certain features that your machine has to offer. It’s not as easy as plugging your printer into an outlet, installing the Brother TN-660 toner cartridge and Brother DR-630 drum cartridge, and having everything ready to go. You will need to follow certain installation steps to properly set up your Brother MFC L2700dw into a fully functioning unit. This includes setup of the WiFi connection.

Luckily, we have made an easy step by step guide on how to do just that.


How to setup wireless connection for your Brother MFC L2700DW printer:


Before we begin, make sure you have available a wireless network to connect to. Record the name of the network (SSID) and the network key (password/ security key). If you don’t know it, you can locate it on the side or bottom of the wireless router or access point.

1. Turn your Brother MFC L2700dw on.

Take the power cord that is connected to the back of your Brother MFC L2700dw printer machine and connect it to a nearby electrical socket. Then turn your Brother machine on by pressing the power button – a circular button on the top right hand corner of the machine’s control panel.

2. Press the 'Menu' button.

Open the menu by pressing the menu button on the control panel which is located on the bottom right of the arrow keys.

3. Select 'Network' and press 'OK'.

Use the up or down arrow keys to select the option titled “Network” then hit the “OK” key.

4. Select 'WLAN' and press 'OK'.

Use the up or down arrow keys and select the option titled WLAN then hit the “OK” key. Please note that this step may only apply to certain Brother machines.

5. Select 'Setup Wizard' and press 'OK'.

Use the up or down arrow keys to select the option title Setup Wizard and hit the “OK” key.

6. Select 'Yes' to 'WLAN Enable?'.

The screen will display “WLAN Enable?” along with “Yes” or “No” options.  Proceed with selecting the “Yes” option which will kick start the wireless setup wizard.

7. Select your Network Name (SSID) and press 'OK'.

The wireless setup wizard will provide a list of available Network Names in your area. Identify your network by using the up or down arrow keys and hit the “OK” key.

8. Enter the Network Key (password) and press “OK” then “Yes”.

Once the Network Key is entered, the settings will be applied and you will enable connection to the wireless router or access point.

If you have an open, non-encrypted network which does not require a password, proceed to the next step.

9. Verify connection to wireless network.

If connection is successful, the screen will display the word “Connected” and the printer will print a WLAN report with the text “Connection: OK”. The WiFi button on the left of the LCD display screen should also be flashing green.

If connection fails, the printer will print a WLAN report with the text “Connection:  XX”. Retrace your steps and correct any errors you may have made along the way.


Congratulations! You are now connected to your WiFi and can begin printing from anywhere within range of the wireless network.

If you have not already done so, make sure to download and install the driver software for your Brother MFC L2700DW laser printer machine which will enable your computer to fully access the machine and its functionalities.

Also, make sure both the Brother TN-660 toner cartridge and Brother DR-630 drum cartridge have been inserted inside the machine before you begin any wireless printing.


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