How Do I Reset The Drum On My Brother MFC-L2740DW Printer?

Justin Chung11/25/20

When using your Brother MFC-L2740DW printer, there will eventually be a time you will need to replace your Brother DR-630 drum cartridge. Typically, you will need to replace your DR-630 drum once every 3 to 4 TN-660 toner cartridges.

However, upon replacing your drum cartridge you may get a notification on the screen of your printer flashing a “Replace Drum” message even after you replaced a new DR-630 drum cartridge. Don’t worry, this does not mean your printer is broken or that your drum cartridge is defective. It simply means your Brother machine's drum counter needs to be reset.

Follow these steps to reset the drum counter and remove the “Replace Drum” message on your MFC-L2740DW printer:

  1. Press the “X” button to exit out of the “Replace Drum” message box.
  2. Press the tool icon button for Settings.
  3. Click “All Settings”.
  4. Press “Machine Info”.
  5. Press “Parts Life”.
  6. Press the “#” button and hold until message appears.
  7. Select “Drum”.
  8. Select “Yes”.
  9. Press Home to return to main screen.

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