Cleaning Your Brother MFC 9340CDW

Justin Chung12/ 4/19


Your Brother MFC 9340CDW is a machine capable of doing a variety of tasks such as copy, print, fax, and scan documents! But to run optimally for a long period of time, your machine needs to undergo regular cleaning.

Your busy schedule keeps you moving throughout the day. Your machine, however, stays stationary in one place. This, along with printing page after page for months on end, can lead to an excess buildup of dirt and toner powder.

A routine maintenance following a specialized cleaning regimen can better ensure your machine is in tip-top shape.

How to clean your Brother MFC 9340CDW:


1. Put on safety gear.

Wear disposable gloves to protect your hands from dirt and toner powder stains. Wear a face mask to prevent yourself from inhalation of toner powder, which can act as a respiratory irritant.

2. Turn off your Brother MFC 9340CDW and unplug the cord.

3. Open the hood and remove cartridge units.

Remove your TN-221/225 toner cartridges and DR-221CL drum cartridges from the machine. Set down the cartridge units on a disposable towel or surface which can be easily cleaned.

4. Clean machine exterior.

Use a dry towel or cloth, such as a microfiber cloth, to wipe down the sides, back, and top of the machine. Do not use a moist towel as water can potentially damage the electrical units within the machine.

5. Clean belt unit.

The belt unit is located underneath where the drum unit is installed. Be sure the internal components have cooled down before handling the belt unit, which can be extremely hot right after use. The belt unit can be removed by lifting the unit by the green handle and pulling out. Use a dry towel or cloth to wipe away any loose toner on the belt unit.

Be sure to not touch the black surface of the belt with your hands to avoid print quality issues. Place belt unit on a paper towel in case toner powder scatters around the area.

6. Carefully clean drum cartridge.

Remove each toner cartridge from its respective imaging drum unit using the green lock lever. Use a dry towel or cloth to carefully wipe off any loose toner powder on the sides, bottom, and top of your drum cartridge unit.

7. Clean machine interior. 

Use a dry towel or cloth to wipe down the interior compartment of the machine where the cartridges reside. Take extra care when cleaning this area to avoid any structural or hardware damage. Avoid cleaning the electrodes which are the components along the sides of machine that make contact with the sides of the cartridge units.

Also be sure to open the manual feed slot cover (front cover), which you use to print envelopes, and the back cover, and clean the areas inside.

Use a soft bristled brush to clean any dirt or toner particles in hard to reach areas and corners of the printer. Avoid hard-bristled brushes which can scratch the printer surface.

8. Duster spray loose particles.

If possible, take the machine outside in an open environment away from people. Use a duster spray specialized for electronics to spray off any loose dust or toner particles in machine’s interior. Carefully spray along any vents on the machine’s exterior. Carefully spray around the drum unit and the belt unit to remove any loose toner particles.

9. Re-install belt unit.

Insert the belt unit back into the machine using the green handle. Insert the belt unit all the way in and push down on the green handle so it’s fixed in place.

10. Re-install toner and drum cartridge unit.

Insert each TN-221/TN-225 color toner cartridge to it’s assigned DR-221CL drum cartridge until the green lock lever clicks into place. If a color toner cartridge is placed into a wrong color drum cartridge, the printer will not function. Slide the toner and drum unit assembly back into the machine until it is fixed firmly in place.

11. Close cover hood and turn power on.


You have now finished cleaning your Brother MFC 9340CDW.

Remember to give your machine routine cleans and maintenance check ups to help you avoid mechanical issues and poor print performance in the near and distant future.



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